List of the guests of the podcast, in chronological order:

Alan Stein Jr, Lukas Grabauskas, Greg Graber, Graham Betchart, Marco Palumbo, Jason Payne, Ganon Baker, Stuart Wade, Erdem Can, Brian Levenson, Jorge Franco Martin, Andrius Liachovicius, Dan Hughes, Hui Tu, Alex Auerbach, Eddie O'Connor, Dave Hopla, Kostas Flevarakis, Uros Ninic, Dr Jack Lesyk, Jaycee Carroll, Benas Matkevičius

Learn from some of the best from around the World 

Through his podcast, Nico has the opportunity to interact with some of the top performers from around the world of Basketball.

Listened to in over 42 countries, "The Mind Game of Basketball, 1 on 1 with yourself" features Hall of Fame coaches, WNBA champions, NBA and Euroleague assistants who have gone on to become successful coaches, former players, European team managers, as well as Sports Psychologists, International Scouts, Skills Coaches and Shooting Coaches, all of whom are internationally renowned and who present their perspectives on the mental approach in Basketball...

From the United States to Lithuania, from Spain to China from France to Italy, from the fundamentals of mental preparation to the most developed techniques in mental training...

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