Author of the mental guide, "1 on 1 with yourself" and host of the podcast "The Mind Game of Basketball, 1 on 1 with yourself" Nico is the only Mental Performance Coach who is a former Basketball player and Coach, and who works exclusively with basketball players.


Nico became a Mental Performance Coach after having played in his native France and in the NCAA for a total of twenty years. He then completed his coaching degrees in France, Lithuania and the United States, through which he revealed himself to be a true teacher of the game with a passion to pass on his knowledge.

Realizing how crucial the development of the mind has become for basketball players, he followed the required training to have the necessary background to accompany the players and became an active member of the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) as well as the European Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC). 

Whether they are professionals or youngsters in the making, Nico only works with basketball players. He understands their specific needs and has made his experience in basketball a real asset in his approach. His work is therefore not simply theoretical and allows him to work towards the performance specific to this sport.

Nico is known to be a professional with a high reputation, which makes him one of the best in his field.He guides his clients towards the achievement of their goals and helps them to sublimate themselves thanks to their intrinsic qualities.

Nico's non-negotiables:

- A relationship based on trust

- A real personal investment

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Master in Sport Psychology and Coaching, Esneca Business School

Brevet d'État 1st degree, Basketball Coaching Diploma, FFBB & French Minister of Sports

Basketball Coaching Diploma, International Basketball University & Lithuanian Basketall Coaches Association

Bachelor's Degree in Management and Communications, Southern Vermont College


Hypnotist specialized in Sports Performance, American Hypnosis Association (AHA)

Skills Coach, Pro Level, by Ganon Baker

Meditation Teacher

Family situation: 

Married to the woman of his life (Dovilė), father of two children (Titas and Julius)