Mental Training

Mental performance training 

You are a player, a coach, a parent and you want to develop mental skills for yourself, your club or your child? 

Send your request by e-mail explaining your perspective of the situation. Nico will get back to you quickly to establish a first contact and evaluate the possibility of starting a successful collaboration. 

Once there is an agreement on both parts, you have access to Nico's agenda and can choose a time that fits you to schedule your weekly sessions.

As mental health has become fashionable in recent years (which is a very good thing), many people forget the importance of mental performance. Even though they impact each other, they are both distinct.

In his approach, Nico takes advantage of his experience as a player and a coach to go beyond the work on the player's mental health, to understand precisely the needs and feelings of his clients to help them perform on the court with specific workouts. Having experienced similar situations allows him, beyond the psychological study, to go directly in the desired direction by finding the appropriate techniques.

Non-exhaustive list of the most classic situations to develop:

Improved free-throw percentage and better free-throw skills in important moments,

Management of the last possessions, 

Ability to produce maximum intensity when needed,

Turnover control,

Fouls management,

How to deal with adversity off the court, 

Take pleasure in what we do, 

Better efficiency in defensive rebounding, 

Develop your bread and butter 

Become a killer on the court,

Remain a model person outside, 

Control your body language, 

Become master of your internal dialogue, 

Ability to concentrate longer and refocus faster,

Accept imperfection, move to the next action quickly after a negative action, ...

Any questions? Send them directly by email and Nico will answer them as soon as possible.

What the greats have said about it? 

(extracts from "The Mind Game of Basketball" podcast)

"Staying strong mentally is the biggest key right now." Erdem Čan, Turk Telekom Head Coach, former Utah Jazz and Fenerbahce Ass. Coach.

"What's missing is the Mental Performance Coach, because a lot of it is Mental. Some players look great at the Free Throw line, they do everything right but they are just shut out mentally." Dave Hopla, most renown NBA Shooting Coach.

"With Nico, we are doing the exact same work, just in different continents" Graham Betchart, NBA Mental Performance Coach

"You look at what inspiration players need to perform. I motivated with self-excellence. The truth is, I think the greatest kind of motivation is self-motivation and self-motivation towards excellence", Dan Hughes, Hall of Fame WNBA Coach and Champion

"Find happiness and don't mess with it. Make sure you have some fun" Ganon Baker, NBA Skills Coach

"The only two things we really have 100% control over is our own effort and our own attitude. And the more you can focus on your own effort and attitude, when you learn how to disregard everything else, you'll perform at a higher level." Alan Stein Jr, former Performance Coach with NBA players